What does validation mean

The constant monitoring of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure or relative humidity is vital in countless segments of the manufacturing industry. With a data logger as a special measuring device, you can collect and evaluate relevant measurement values, which can easily be transferred and clearly presented thanks to modern computing technology, in the long-term. Conventional variants such as bottle logger for temperature measurement in a variety of fluids make production and quality control significantly easier and, as PDF data loggers, help in the creation of automated documents for the presentation of the measured values, for example. Our range includes a multitude of modern data loggers, the functions and technical features of which cover a broad spectrum of trade and industry.

The function of data logger in profile

From bottle logger through to pressure gauges, modern data logger are built along similar lines. All models have one or more sensors which take a measurement of the desired parameters at regular intervals and technologically transmit the measured value to a receiver. In modern measuring devices, the interface is always digital and allows for data transmission by radio or for explicit reading as a USB data logger. Evaluation and presentation often occurs without specialist software so that an objective evaluation of the measured data can be carried out on almost any PC. If this shows that the measurements collected are outside the tolerance range for production or the refrigeration chain is broken on a transport route, the software can give an appropriate warning. With simpler loggers, the focus may be on the pure collection of the measurements without direct transmission and evaluation so that it must be read at a later time, for example as a USB data logger. 

Variants and technical features of data logger

In principle, every modern data logger has a microprocessor and a storage medium. Depending of the size of the storage medium, countless measured values can be recorded. Alongside the USB data logger, there are devices with different interfaces to choose from in order to ensure immediate data transmission or later reading of the measured values. Often usable without separate software, PDF data logger fulfil the practical function of simply preparing the recorded values numerically or graphically and presenting them appropriately on screen or through print-outs. For use in workshops and laboratories, logger with the longest possible service life and robust housing are preferred, single-use logger are a popular and cost-conscious alternative for transports.

Using and calibrating PDF data logger properly

Over the years, data logger have become an indispensable aid in transport monitoring. Beyond the transport industry, e.g. for fluids or hazardous materials of all kinds, logger perform an essential function in measurement and testing procedures in industry, whereby the smallest sensors on surfaces of a few square centimetres are able to record and store a variety of physical values. In our range, you can choose from among a broad spectrum of data logger in which everyone can find something to suit the needs of their own operation. For continually safe use with precise measured values, the regular calibration of the PDF data logger and USB data loggers, and other models, is recommended. As an expert manufacturer and service provider, we will be happy to advise you as to the appropriate intervals at which calibration should be performed and what else attention should be paid to in the use of data logger.