Webinar: GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms

GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms

8 steps to a GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms


  • Why is temperature mapping necessary and what is required by regulation (WHO, (c)GMP)?
  • What must be considered when planning a mapping study?
  • What does the ebro temperature mapping service look like?


Distributors who are interested in the specifications of the mapping
and want to offer the service yourself

Duration: 1,5 hour

Webinar - Speaker:

Sebastian Schwarz - Market Manager Pharma

Degree as chemical and biological engineer in Erlangen, Germany

  • 7 years experience as a consultant in a GMP controlled environment
  • Projects in the areas of calibration, qualification and validation for pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout Europe

Phone: +49 841-9547837   E-Mail: Sebastian.Schwarz@no-spam-pleaseXylem.com



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With the complimentary whitepaper „8 steps to GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms" you will receive comprehensive information and facts on the implementation of temperature mapping:

YouTube Film: Webinar - GMP compliant mapping in storage rooms