Medidores de mano

Handheld measuring devices from ebro® are used in a wide variety of spheres of life. In private use, they often serve as handy thermometers for measuring the ambient temperature or the core temperature in foods such as frozen or fried foods.

There is also a broad spectrum of use commercially, in the food industry among others, for measuring devices. Alongside the areas of application, handheld measuring units differ in their construction: there are thus those which capture the measurement value through direct contact, via a penetration probe for example, while others take an infrared measurement which does not require direct contact with the object. Probes, sensors and other accessories are interchangeable depending on the model and area of application. In addition, the handheld measuring devices differ in terms of the functional scope such as the measurement range, measurement accuracy and resistance to environmental influences.

Thermometers from ebro®

When it comes to thermometers, fold-back thermometers and infrared thermometers for surface and core temperature measurement number among the standard devices. Measurements are taken as contactless measurements or via a probe which is permanently installed or removable. With an intelligent combination of fold-back thermometer and infrared thermometer with retractable penetration probe, you can measure the core temperature or determine the surface temperature with a laser pointer. Other models with removable cable probes which can be selected according to the area of application and are also available in the manufacturer's product range.

Alongside measuring devices with factory calibration, ebro® also makes handheld measurement devices with confirmation of conformity which are used by control bodies, experts and authorities owing to their measurement accuracy which is accepted before court.  


Measurement devices for recording additional values

Professional measuring devices for recording the pH value and conductivity, pressure and concentration of various substances complete ebro's range. Again, it is possible to change the electrodes, for example, on a device for measuring the pH value or conductivity in order to allow for use with a wide range of specifications. 

The refractometer from ebro is designed for monitoring the exact concentration of substances in fluids or semi-solid foods. This includes, for example, determination of the sugar, salt or alcohol content, which is crucial for quality controls in the food industry. Refractometers from ebro are also counted among the necessary standard equipment in the laboratory. The digital measuring devices are equipped with basic or dual displays depending on the model. An oil quality measuring device from ebro is a useful addition to the equipment in the field of food control.


Most devices from ebro are calibrated in the factory. For reliable operation, recalibration is required at regular intervals. This is carried out, including certification, by assigned expert technicians.