Validation des processus de traitement dans l'AEMP

aseptica Volume 28, 2022 | Issue 3 |
validation of reprocessing processes 
in CSSD, Pages 47 ff



aseptica Volume 28, 2022 | Issue 2 |
New DGSV e.V training curriculum for validators, Pages 43 ff


Calibration of the data logger

aseptica Volume 28, 2022 | Issue 1 | What is meant by calibration …
... And why is the calibration of the data logger so important?, Pages 48 ff


Stérilisation à basse température

Stability of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses on surfaces

aseptica Volume 27, 2021 | Issue 1 | Validation and routine control of processes
in the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) steriliser, Pages 39 ff




Exigences pour la validation

aseptica Volume 27, 2021 | Issue 2 | Requirements for the validation of cleaning and
disinfection processes – DIN 58341, Pages 40 ff




Systèmes professionnels d'enregistrement de données pour la validation

aseptica Volume 27, 2021 | Issue 3 | Dataloggers for validation and routine controll
of processes, Pages 24 ff




Mesure de la conductivité pendant le processus de LD

Measuring conductivity during the washer-disinfector
process with the EBI 12-TC230 data logger

aseptica 26. Page 37




Nouveau set de validation

New SL 2002 validation set for washer-disinfectors

aseptica 26. Page 34




Mesure de la concentration en CO2

Risk assessment of virus in aerosols using the CO2 concentration measurement

aseptica Volume 26, 2020 | Issue 3 | Info from Industry, Site 42




Systèmes électroniques de test Bowie-Dick 

Electronic Bowie Dick test systems 

Authors R. Streller und S. Kirschner

Press releases „aseptica“, Issue 3 / 2015

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