EBI 25 wireless data logger system

The EBI 25 system enables continuous and precise measurement in many environments in which pharmaceutical and medical products, as well as food products, are stored or manufactured. The wireless measurement of temperature, humidity and other measured values, e.g. differential pressure, particle concentration, C02 amounts, and energy consumption, optimises the manufacturing process and warehousing.

Using the Modbus or IP, other measured values can also be integrated. Using explicit measurements, the system ensures that the right conditions are always created in order to be able to produce and store perishable goods. Thanks to the continuous monitoring (365 days a year, 24 hours a day) of all critical temperature points, loss of goods can be prevented. The measurement data can be accessed via any PC with internet and VPN access. 

Flexible and comprehensive alarm management enables a quick reaction

The system has a flexible and complex alarm management system. Notification is given acoustically (via a corresponding alarm signal) or via email. This alarm management system also enables rapid intervention. The data measured is automatically recorded and stored simultaneously. With this automatic documentation, disruptive elements and error sources can be easily identified and monitored.

For example, constant monitoring of fridges, freezers and refrigeration equipment is possible at any time. In the pharmaceutical and medical sector, humidity and room temperatures can be tested. In addition, all temperature-sensitive goods, e.g. medication and blood plasma, can be constantly monitored. The system can also be used for temperature monitoring in clean rooms, refrigeration chambers and incubators. 

Benefit from additional advantages

Especially in the food industry and pharmaceutical and medical sector, the use of the EBI 25 wireless data logger system provides additional benefits for the respective users:

  • HACCP guidelines are adhered to.
  • The equipment generally corresponds to the DIN EN 12830 standard.
  • Food controllers can always obtain an up-to-date report.
  • The system fulfils the application of FDA 21CFR, Part 11.
  • Auditors can always go back to current figures. 

Easy to use and optional enhancement opportunities

The EBI 25 wireless data logger system can, in principle, be used easily; a comprehensive instruction manual is also supplied. Users can change the batteries themselves. Simple installation at the base station is generally possible (Interface IF 400).

Up to 50 loggers can be connected per interface, whereby all data from all integrated or connected EBI 25 loggers can be collected and stored reliably. Altogether, up to 576 measurement values per logger can be stored. The range in open areas is up to around 500 metres.

Functional evaluation software is available

Users can access the single-user system using Winlog.wave and Winlog.web as evaluation software, or the server version on Winlog. The measured data can be selected on the PC on which the programme is installed. Both software solutions are suitable for both the programming and the selection of all EBI 25 data loggers.

The explicit evaluation of measured values can also be carried out by both programmes. The corresponding data is automatically collected, evaluated and then, if necessary, the alarm is sounded. The data is transferred in real-time to the base station, which then forwards it to the PC or the server. In addition, a free app is available with Winlog.web. This enables mobile devices to be incorporated within Android and IOS operating systems.


With the complimentary whitepaper „8 steps to GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms" you will receive comprehensive information and facts on the implementation of temperature mapping: