Technical Support and Repairs

ebro service personnel will install your new BUS-System at your site. Technical Support agreements may also be conducted.

You decide on the scope of the servicing and on the intervals between service calls.


Helmut Schmidt
Tel.: +49 841 95478-22
Fax: +49 841 95478-80

Udo Brocks
Tel.: +49 841 95478-23
Fax: +49 841 95478-80

Online Support

You need online help? No problem.

1) Please request a remote support
    session here:  REQUEST SUPPORT

2) You will receive a response e-mail
    with a one-time link to a temporary
    client ( Bomgar Remote Support).
    Please execute this link on the PC
    where Winlog is running.

3) When the client is ready, our staff
    will be notified and will contact you
    in order to initiate the remote session.