Can you measure the indoor climate?

Yes, with the RM 100 Rom climate monitor from ebro®, you can get precise data on the temperature, humidity and CO2 content levels inside enclosed spaces.

The digital display on the CO2-traffic light shows the temperature and humidity data in a clear, straightforward manner. There are three coloured LEDs on the display to show the room’s CO2 content.

These follow a traffic light system, lighting up in red, yellow and green for bad, medium and good levels.

  • If the light is red, the room must be ventilated
  • if it is yellow then it must be ventilated soon
  • if it is green then everything is in order

The RM 100 Rom climate monitor is also supplied with a calibration certificate.

Measuring the indoor climate makes complete sense, because ultimately the majority of people spend a lot of their time in enclosed indoor spaces, not just at work or at school, but also in their free time.

It therefore goes without saying that the "weather" inside has a significant impact on our physical wellbeing and our health in the long term.

What data is relevant when measuring the indoor climate?

Why is it important to measure the indoor climate?

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