How is the data from a data logger evaluated?

The loggers in the EBI 10, EBI 100, EBI 16, EBI 11, EBI 12 and EBI 20 series are placed into an interface which is connected to a computer via USB cable. Software is also required for programming and reading.

The loggers in the EBI 300, EBI 310, EBI 330 series have a USB port and can be connected directly to a computer or a PDF-capable printer with a USB host interface. With this connection, they automatically generate a PDF report that can be saved and printed.

The radio wave loggers of the EBI 25 series require the IF400 interface. They send the data via radio waves (868 MHz) to this interface facilitating continuous monitoring of refrigeration devices, storage rooms, etc. virtually in real time. Moreover, software (Winlog.wave or Winlog.web) is required for programming and reading.

The loggers of the EBI 40 family can be connected to a computer either with the provided USB cable or they can be read using a USB stick. The measurement data is saved on the stick as soon as it is connected to the logger. After that, it is only necessary to connect it to a computer and evaluate it using software.