What all can be measured with the data loggers from ebro®?

For continuous measurement of values such as pressure, temperature, relative humidity, pH value and conductivity, ebro provides an extensive assortment of highly reliable and precise data loggers. Set up is similar for all devices no matter whether as a pressure gauge or a bottle logger. One or more sensors measure the desired value in certain intervals and transmit the measurement reading to a receiver unit. Because the interface is - without exception this day in age - set up digitally, the values can be transmitted directly via radio waves or saved to a USB data logger, for example. This is then evaluated later on a computer or laptop.

Data loggers with the appropriate software can send warning signals if the measurements prove that the current values either fall short of or exceed the standard values. This facilitates immediate reaction and/or correction such as when a cold chain is interrupted during transport.

So that the continued safe use of data loggers can be guaranteed, the devices should be calibrated regularly. As the manufacturer, ebro provides this service as part of its service features and also advises customers  which intervals should be observed regarding calibration.