Which data logger is the right one for me?

That depends on the application.

For use during transport, we recommend the loggers of the EBI 300/EBI 310/EBI 330 family as these can be read via USB port on any computer without an additional interface or additional software.

For routine checks in the hospital, we recommend the EBI 12 or the EBI 16 data logger for checking steam sterilisers, cleaning and disinfection devices, cleaning and disinfection devices for flexible endoscopes or bedpan washers or for electronic Bowie & Dick tests in autoclaves.

For validation, we recommend the data loggers of the EBI 12 or EBI 11 families as these are versatile and provide a very high level of accuracy.

For monitoring refrigeration units or warehouses, we recommend the loggers of the EBI 25 family as these check automatically whether the temperature limits are being adhered to and send an email in case of alarm. This means you are also warned at the weekend if any problems arise.

In the industrial sector, the EBI 40 is used first and foremost. Up to 12 thermal elements can be connected to it. Because of the various sensors that are available for the logger, it can be used for almost any application ( for example, surface measurement, measurements within products, liquids or gases).