Which ebro handheld instruments are available?

ebro® offers a wide range of handheld instruments for different application areas. The largest segment are thermometers. In this field, the company’s portfolio includes core thermometers with different probes or to penetrate the materials to be measured, contact thermometers, folding thermometers with foldable probes as well as infrared thermometers with laser functions.

Other handheld instruments are hygrometers, pH meters, vacumeters, refractometers as well as a food oil monitor. For complete control during the preparation, storage and transport of food, ebro provides a food inspection case with rich equipment. It contains the food oil monitor, a laboratory and a dual infrared thermometer, a temperature data logger, a pH meter as well as useful accessories such as an electrode cleaner, buffer solutions, knife, scissors, tweezer, a magnifying glass and a flashlight.

Most ebro® products are delivered with factory calibration and the corresponding certificate. They should, however, be recalibrated by commissioned experts at certain intervals in order to ensure constant reliability.