An extensive range of innovative measurement technology for the international market - this is what the company ebro® stands for, for already 50 years.

1968     Establishment of the company ebro Electronic in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) through Erhard Bross. The production of plug-in
             power supplies started.


1975     New in the ebro-product-portfolio: the production of police protection vests and "Telegen" television lights.


1976     ebro moved its production to Ingolstadt. The company is market leader in Germany, with the production sector plug-in power supplies as 
             well as with developing and producing more than 1 million power supplies per year.

1980     Expansion of the product range with battery-powered temperature measuring instruments with digital displays.


1986     Developing the second generation of temperature measuring instruments.

1989     Development of the first generation of data loggers to measure the temperature type TEMPTIMEM.

1992     Re-development of compact, waterproof data loggers for usement in high temperatures.

1993     The 4th generation of handheld temperature measuring instruments is growing.

1996     Development of the second generation of data loggers - EBI 1 series (higher temperature sector +140 °C, larger memory).

1997     The EBI 2 logger family (temperature/humidity) is completed.

1998     Development of the fifth generation of handheld measuring instruments as well as data loggers for pressure and temperature.

1999     Market introduction of the loggers for pasteurization, sterilization and monitoring of processes in the food technology
             (Data loggers for pasteurization and CO2 and bottle cleaning). Start of development of the WINLOG 2000 software.


2000     The EBI 2 series is extended with NiCr-Ni (K-type) logger, pressure logger up to 50 bar and universal power/tension logger (U/I logger). 
             Release of the WINLOG 2000 software.

2001     The universal measurement instrument UNIMETER™ and the Food Oil Monitor Set FOM are being created.

2002      The measurement instrument FOM 200 for determining the quality of frying oil in fryers is introduced as a world debut. Expansion of the
              data logger product range with the EBI 6, a logger used during the transport of goods.

2003     The new software UniPC for the universal measurement instrument UNIMETER is developed.
2004     ebro created more innovative products for the sectors medicine, pharmacy and the food industry.

2005      A completely new generation of ebro® handheld measurement instruments forms.

2006      ebro® develops the data logger series EBI 20 and new pH-logger.

2007      ebro® introduces the new radio data logger series EBI 10 and the universal software

2008      Market introduction of the mini data logger EBI 11 and EBI 15 system for monitoring steam penetration in steam sterilizers,
              so called Bowie-Dick-Test.

2009     Development of the EBI 25 radio probe system to monitor the temperature wireless in real-time. Market introduction of the software
             Winlog.wave and Winlog.web for the radio logger systems EBI 25 and EBI 90.

2010    Market introduction: The ebro EBI 25 radio probe system with alarm function and data access via the Internet is built to monitor the
            temperature in freezers, refrigerators and cooling furniture wirelessly and to send alarms immediately through a text message or
            an e-mail via a central ebro portal if there is an exceedance of the temperature. Developement of the EBI 10 validation logger with flexible
            wire probes. Introduction of the new validation software Winlog.validation.

2011     Market introduction of the EBI 300 / EBI 310 data logger series. Product innovation: development of the multichannel temperature logger
             EBI 40 to measure temperatures in baking lines and ovens. Temperature up to 1,200 °C.

2012     engineer without borders: ebro Electronic supports research & developing for and in Tansania. Product introduction of the TLC 700, a
             folding thermometer for gastronomy and catering. Product novelty: the highly precise USB-data logger EBI 310 to measure the
             temperature precisely, easily and inexpensive.

2013     With the two single use temperature data loggers EBI 330-T30 (-30 °C ... +60 °C) and EBI 330-T85 (-85 °C ... +50 °C) ebro expands its
              EBI 300 family with two new data loggers with USB-port and automatic PDF-generation. As successor of the food oil monitor set
              FOM 310 ebro now introduces the FOM 320 with a new, robust sensor protection to measure the quality of frying oil exactly .

2014     New external humidity probes for the USB data loggers EBI 300 and EBI 310 with an updated software-version of the Winlog-programs
             is available since May.

2015     Facelifts and product expansion of the foldable thermometer TLC 700 with penetration probe.

2016     In July we have been renamed in Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG. Market introduction of our new products, the room
             monitor RM 100 and the Thermal Imaging Camera TIC 100. The new FOM 330 to measure the quality of frying oil is being developed.

2017     ebro® introduces new handheld measurement instruments. The new dual infrared/foldable thermometer TLC 750i, the core thermometer 

             TTX 200 and the standard infrared thermometer TFI 260. Market introduction of high precise data loggers EBI 12 series.


2018    50 years ebro®: an extensive range of innovative measurement technology for the international market - this is what the company ebro® 

            stands for, for already 50 years.

            Coinciding with our anniversary we are proud to present our new EBI 12 series – a new generation of high precise data loggers with
            new application in conductivity, relative humidity and fine vacuum monitoring parameters for process monitoring, during routine control and
            validation processes. 

2019    Introduction of our new HACCP Measurement system - the TLC 750 family.
            Market launch of the new Min/Max refrigerator thermometers TMX 3x0/4x0, either with one or two temperature zones, which come with
            a 3 m cable each.