Why conformity assessment instead of calibration?

Previously, there were clear rules requiring all types of measuring instruments such as scales and thermometers to be calibrated before sale. On 1 January 2015, however, the new German Act on Weights and Measures (Mess- und Eichgesetz, MessEG) and new German Weights and Measures Regulations (Mess- und Eichverordnung, MessEV), came into effect and implemented fundamental changes to the law. The calibration previously conducted by the Office of Weights and Measures (Eichamt) was replaced with conformity assessments.

Practical implications of the new regulations for our customers

If you own a calibrated thermometer, a data logger or a handheld measuring instrument from ebro, there is no need to worry. All measuring instruments marketed before 1 January 2015 are governed by the regulations applicable at the time. This means that the period for which calibration is valid can still, as before, be extended by the Offices of Weights and Measures. This also applies to instruments that were purchased in 2015 but calibrated by us the year before. Here too, the previous procedure continues to apply. However, no new calibratable or calibrated measuring instruments, for example the TFX 422 thermometer, can be brought into circulation, as these are no longer checked by the Office of Weights and Measures.

ebro offers alternatives                         

On the subject of the TFX 422 thermometer: our innovation TFX 422C is fully compliant with the rules governing conformity assessment. The required tests are carried out before the instrument is delivered to our customers. The advantage for you is that assessment can now be carried out by other certified testing bodies as well as the Office of Weights and Measures. The technical specifications for the handheld measuring instrument are exactly the same as for the previous model; there is no difference in quality or functions and you can use it exactly as before.

Important: don't forget the registration deadline!

If you purchase a new instrument such as the TFX 422C and use it in Germany, you will need to register it with your local Office of Weights and Measures within six weeks of purchase (section 32 MessEG). You will find all the necessary details on the website of the Office, and we are also happy to help if you require any further information.