Testeur d´huile de friture FOM 330

From the beginning of October 2016, the reworked version of our oil quality measuring device FOM 330 has been on the market. In comparison with the previous model, it has improved functionality and technology.

The most important point, alongside the precise measurement values shown in the display, is the new signal using the traffic lights principle. A red, yellow or green light provides immediate visual information concerning the quality of the oil being checked. In addition, you can see next step illustrations in the digital display, clearly and simply showing all of the steps required for operation of the FOM 330. The reliability of the tried and tested measuring device as a useful assistance for checking the frying oil quality in catering operations, fast food chains, snack stands and other areas of the catering trade remains unchanged.

Keep your food quality high

Potentially harmful substances such as acrylamide can quickly accumulate in old frying oil in high concentrations which can also pass into the fried food. At the same time, the food loses its flavour and no longer becomes properly crispy. Using the FOM 330 measuring device, you can easily determine the perfect time for changing the oil. The fried food thus remains of a consistently high quality.

With the FOM 330, you analyse your frying oil objectively

Don’t rely on your own senses - these can be extremely subjective and can lead to uncertain results. Fresh oil is sometimes quite dark in colour. By contrast, old oil is clear and odourless under some circumstances, but is nevertheless no longer suitable for frying. With the FOM 330, you get clear values which are repeatable at any time and are absolutely reliable.

Reduce your costs

Frying oil is often also changed much too early out of concern that it’s no longer fresh enough. However, the limits defined in most countries for polar compounds - measured in % TPM - may be reached with no need for concern. With the FOM 330, you’re always on the safe side. You know precisely whether you can still use the oil and reduce your costs by only changing it when you actually need to.

A simple measurement suffices

The next step illustrations in the display make the measuring process child’s play once the device is switched on: immerse, stir, read - done. If the basic settings only need to be changed occasionally or not at all then the single button version of the FOM 330 is recommended. Since there is only the on/off button marked here, your kitchen staff only see what they really need to know.

You get clear results

The FOM 330 measuring device measures the polar compounds of the oil in the unit % TPM and then shows the result clearly in the display. In the version newly brought to market, a large signal light also evaluates the measurement result according to the traffic light principle: green for fresh, yellow for borderline, red for unsuitable oil. The signal is visible from all sides, so not just for the operator but also for everyone present.

Calibration and adjustment made easy

A highlight of the FOM 330 is the option of adjusting it for the type of oil which you use. The measurement result is subsequently even more accurate as a result. With the optional CO 330 reference oil, which works even at room temperature, you can check the functional efficiency of the device at any time.

Complete equipment

You get the new FOM 330 as a complete set in a practical, easy to clean carry case. The enclosed hand guards protect you against heat and oil splashes during the measuring process. An integrated strap ensures a secure grip and prevents the device from accidentally falling into the fryer. For clear documentation, there is a comprehensive handbook and illustrated step-by-step instructions, which explain the operation in an easy to understand manner. Of course, the device also comes with a calibration certificate providing proof of functionality. The case offers space for all components including the optional CO 330 reference oil.