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Repairs and calibrations

Xylem Analytics Germany
Sales GmbH & Co. KG
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General Inquiries:

Do you have a general request or questions about your service order? Then please call the following number:

Phone.: +49 841 95478-0


Technical Sales:

You are interested in ebro products and would like to have a telephone consultation, then please call the following number: 

Tel.: +49 841 95478-50

Technical Support:

You are already a customer and need technical advice, then please use one of the following numbers:   

Phone.: +49 881 183-500


EBI 25 Support:

If you need support for the EBI 25, please contact one of the following numbers: 

Willi Harrer: +49 173-9580664
Marcus Scheller: +49 173-9580674



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