Gratuitous return of used batteries  

Batteries should not be disposed off via the household bin collection. Legally, everybody is liable to return the batteries to guarantee a professional recycling process. One can return these via a communal collection point or return them to the resellers/ traders. Also we as a supplier of batteries with our equipment are firmly bound to do so, limited to the batteries that we use and sell with our range of products.

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2. Meaning of the different battery symbols 

Generally speaking any batteries are marked with a crossed out rubbish bin ( see below ). This symbol indicates that batteries do not belong into the household waste bin. Batteries which contain more than 0.0005% Mercury, more than 0.002% Cadmium or more than 0.004% Lead show the chemical signs for these 3 different heavy metals. Definitions: Hg for Mercury, Cd for Cadmium and Pb for Lead.