Data logger sets – the affordable and effective complete solution

Data loggers from ebro® are used wherever measurements must be performed not just selectively, but constantly. In the process, all data can be saved and can be processed, analysed and prepared graphically using suitable analysis software. The parameters measured include, for example, temperature, pressure, pH value, conductance and relative humidity as well as time.

Numerous applications for data logger sets

Routine checks and validations can be performed safely and easily using data loggers. In the case of the validations, they provide reproducible proof that certain workflows and processes permanently provide the desired results. In the case of routine checks, data logger systems provide values for the proper functional efficiency of production plants at periodic intervals. Validation is legally prescribed, Section 8 of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV).

So that you do not have to buy each device you require individually, ebro has put together sets at affordable prices. Delivery in stable cases ensures that you always have all the necessary components immediately at your fingertips. In addition, the components of the sets are finely tuned to each other, thus preventing false measurement data due to incompatibility.

ebro offers numerous sets for

  • validations and routine checks
  • temperature and pressure data
  • for the Bowie & Dick test in the case of steam sterilisers
  • cleaning and disinfection devices
  • cleaning and disinfection devices for endoscopes
  • monitoring sterile goods during transportation and storage
  • use in bedpan washers and much more


Hardware and software from one source

Appropriate to our data logger sets, we have developed software that conforms with all common standards. 
The software comes in the versions for routine checks and Winlog.validation for routine checks and validation. Both programs impress due to their user-friendly operation, highly precise measurements and numerous automatic functions such as report generation, calculations previously defined by the user and recognition of process cycles.

Here to help

Our team is happy to help you if you have any questions about ebro’s data logger sets. Describe your specific requirements and applications so that we can recommend to you the exact suitable set.