EBI 310 PFD–Data Logger with USB connection

The PDF-Data Logger for higher demands and extensive measurements.

The easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor the temperature and/or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods like medicine, food, serums etc.. Measurement reports are created automatically as PDF fi les when you connect the logger to a PC.The EBI 310 USB data logger is suitable for multi-use

 Due to its wide-ranging accessories, the EBI 310 becomes an all-rounder. It can be used to measure the temperature of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, to monitor blood or blood plasma, vaccines and medicine as well as control ovens and roasting houses. 

The EBI 310 offers the option of an easy alarm management consisting of higher and lower limit, and an alarm delay time or a 6 stepped alarm management. This more effective alarm management offers the possibility of preparing the logger during the programming in a way that the employee has a decision support if the executed measurement has been evaluated positive or negative. This is especially important during the transport of vaccines.

All EBI 310 data loggers can run with an internal sensor and the possible external probes at the same time. 

The sectors in which you can use the EBI 310 TE can vary. Due to its external probe, the logger can measure an area of -200 °C to +250 °C and covers a wide-ranging field of measurement activities and applications. For example, the EBI 310 TE logger can measure the room temperature with its internal probe and with its external probe it can measure the temperature in liquid nitrogen. But the logger can also be used during validation, when the external probe is placed punctually in the room you validate in.

You can use the EBI 310 TX where more than one external probe is necessary. With his 2 connectable external probes with various needle or cable lengths or needle diameter he offers the most diversity. You can execute measurement activities in roasting houses or ovens using the probes.

The EBI 310 TH with an external humidity probe can be used in rooms, in which the relative air humidity and the temperature must be monitored, for example in laboratories or during the validation.

The EBI 310​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ works with a customary battery, which you can change on your own. 

Easy handling on a Windows™ computer


Put your logger in an available USB-port and program it with the free download Winlog.basic software. But the easiest way to program your logger is to use the website www.ebi300.com. On there you can choose all your desired parameters and with a click on the button “create configuration” you receive a file to program your EBI 310 to download.

Start measurement

Put your logger on the place you want it to be and start measuring, after you successfully programmed it.


To evaluate your measuring data, just connect your EBI 310 logger with USB-connection to a USB-port on your Windows™ PC.  The logger then automatically creates a PDF report and stores the raw data in a separate file. You can now directly read the report using a PDF Reader. A special evaluation software is not needed. Of course you now can save the measured data onto a separate drive or send them via E-mail. After this, the data logger can again be programmed and is ready for the next measurement activity.