Breathe deeply - Virus-free objective evaluation of the room climate

Reducing the virus load

Frequent venting e.g. of classrooms, medical practices and offices reduces the virus load in the air dramatically. This lowers the risk of diseases such as Covid-19 and influenza. The Technical University Berlin found out that there is a correlation between the virus load and the CO2 value in the air. Therefore, they recommend using devices such as the RM 100 to determine, when to vent again.



Maintaining comfort

Temperature and humidity set narrow boundaries for the comfort. The room climate monitor RM 100 shows both and helps creating optimal conditions.

Measuring wellness

The room climate describes the sum of the influences on the comfort of persons while being indoors. It is an essential component of the quality of living conditions and comfort, and is determined mostly by the air temperature and humidity, as well as the CO2 value. The room climate monitor RM 100 measures these.

Evaluating the room climate

With an increasing CO2 value, both the productive efficiency and the coziness decline, while the virus load rises. The room climate monitor RM 100 helps evaluating the quality of the room climate objectively.

Increasing the productive efficiency

The climate in office rooms has a critical impact on the productive efficiency and health of employees. An improvement of the room climate can increase the productivity by up to 15 %, while at the same time decreasing the risk of respiratory diseases dramatically. The room climate monitor RM 100 helps to attain this goal.

Detecting a bad atmosphere

Frequent venting and vegetating the office room improve the room climate quickly and straightforward to some extent. The challenge is to measure the CO2 value objectively, and most of all: to be aware of it. The lingering decrease of air quality is often not perceived, although its negative impact is there. The room climate monitor RM 100 then sounds the alarm – but only if required. This way, excessive venting can be prevented, reducing energy costs.

Clear measurement display

The room climate monitor RM 100 measures the air temperature and humidity as well as the CO2 value. The measurements are clearly visible in the large, illuminated display. In addition, three LEDs indicate the CO2 value in the air as good, medium or bad, respectively.

Acoustic Alarm

When the limit for the CO2 value is exceeded, the room climate monitor RM 100 will raise an acoustic alarm – then it´s high time to vent. This alarm tone can be muted permanently via the MUTE-button.

Calibration certificate

Every room climate monitor RM 100 is shipped with a certificate of calibration. This is proof of the accuracy and reliability of your device.