ebro® data logger: maximum process optimisation with evaluation software

The easy to use evaluation software from ebro® was developed for the specific market segments of food, medicine, pharmaceuticals and industry. In order to programme and read the ebro® data logger, and analyse measurements, there are three different software packages available: 

  • Evaluation software for various applications: the free Basic Version Winlog.basic and the Winlog.pro professional software
  • The TÜV-certified Evaluation software for pharmaceutical and medical applications: Winlog.med for routine control processes and Winlog.validation for routine control and validation
  • Evaluation software for the EBI 25 data logger: Winlog.web, the web-based professional version for multiple users

Using evaluation software - even without prior experience

Even users with no prior experience succeed in installing and programming the evaluation software quickly and problem-free. Extensive reporting is now possible - from a simple standard report through to customer-specific reports. Compact single-page, detailed multi-page or tabular reports. Everything is achievable, through to integration of your own company logo.

Export files in Microsoft Excel® and PDF and incorporate images and graphics. Even the free Winlog.basic simple version offers a multitude of useful features. User-friendly, self-explanatory and easy to use, this evaluation software displays measured data graphically and numerically. Log printing is possible with the help of a printer and computer; measured data can be scanned and enlarged. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 functionality is optionally available.

Prompt solutions - for single users and networks

The task of the Winlog.wave and Winlog.web evaluation software: programming and reading the EBI 25 data logger and automatically checking the measured values. The software thus automatically collects the data. How does it work? This innovative EBI 25 system provides wireless monitoring, sends the data to a base station in real time and, from there, sends it to a selected server or computer. If the system determines that the temperature, humidity or another measured variable is exceeded, there is an immediate alarm.

The site plan function provides your with a quick overview. Single user? Then Winlog.wave as evaluation software is the appropriate single-user solution. Read the measured data at the workstation/computer on which the evaluation software is installed. Flexible alarm management allows for alarm notifications due to defined events and by email. Multiple users? Winlog.web is the professional version and is a web-based server solution. You can thus read measured data, network-based, on any workstation and any smartphone. You also benefit from flexible and comprehensive alarm management here. The system signals visual and acoustic alarms via the user interface, large quantities of data can also be conveniently managed and validated. Included in the package: a free app for all users of Winlog.web.

Data logger evaluation software for special users

Use in the field of pharmaceutical and medical applications? Winlog.med is specifically tailored for this. The user-friendly Winlog.med provides highly accurate measurements, supplies automatic report generation and user-defined calculations, and automatically detects process cycles. Create user-defined templates for specific devices and thermal processes. The sensor placement can be displayed in 3D. This results in maximum flexibility report creation – whether for brief process reports or tabular reports with all of the measured data – this evaluation software leaves nothing to be desired. 

Last but not least: as professional evaluation software, Winlog.validation carries out routine controls and validations. This high-performance reporting and evaluation software was developed for the high standards of validation and qualification in pharmaceuticals and medicine. As TÜV certified software, user-friendly and precise, Winlog.validation allows for the generation of reports from user-defined calculations and automatically detects process cycles.

ebro® offers exactly the evaluation software you need for your application
On the Software and Drivers page you will find the download link to the free evaluation software Winlog.basic, and driver.


  Winlog.basic Winlog.pro Winlog.med Winlog.validation Winlog.wave Winlog.web
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